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Представител на European Law Firm за България.
Специалисти в областта на търговското право и процесуалното представителство.

EU Representative under Art. 27 GDPR

Entities outside EU must appoint an EU Representative under Art. 27 GDPR if:

(i) they process personal data of EU data subjects,  and

(ii) they do not maintain an establishment in the EU; and

(iii) the processing activities are related to the offering of goods or services, or to monitoring data subjects’ behavior as far as their behavior takes place within EU.

Please note that entities who are controllers or processors of EU residents’ personal data must comply with GDPR in general.

What we will do as your EU representative:

  • Be a liaison between any EU data subjects and the Client;
  • Maintain a register of the received requests from EU data subjects;
  • Inform the Client about any changes in EU data privacy laws, guidelines and best practices;
  • Be a contact point for the Client for any communication with any EU Data Protection Authority;
  • Draft personal data breach notifications to EU data subjects;
  • Forward received electronic and postal requests to the Client and send back Client’s answers after being approved by the Client;

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    Milanova & Partners is representative of European Law Firm of Bulgaria.